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Expat Services in Ireland

Expat Services in Ireland

When choosing to move to Ireland as a foreign citizen implies taking notice of the regulations of living here, applying for an Irish residence permit, registering with different authorities, and finding a place to stay. In order to avoid complications, we offer expat services to all foreigners relocating to Ireland temporarily or permanently.

Most expats arrive here for employment and this means that they will be issued with a residence permit in Ireland for work. There are different types of employment permits – Stamp 1, Stamp 2, Stamp 3, etc., which offer different rights.

Those who worked here under an employment permit that granted them the right to stay in the country for 5 years can apply for a renewal, issued as a long-term residence permit of 5 years.

Expats are also entitled to apply for citizenship in Ireland. This procedure is known as citizenship by naturalization, a process that requires a foreigner to comply with certain years of permanent residency.

An eligible candidate must, however, comply with other conditions, such as knowing the Irish culture, language, constitutional system and other matters apply to all citizens.

Below, we invite you to read about the expat services provided by our immigration lawyers in Ireland. Should you need help with other related matters, you can rely on us.

Expat support for immigration to Ireland

Those who want to move any country, not just Ireland, can be tiring because of the many formalities that need to be completed. This is why we have created expat services for all those who need a helping hand in getting things done quickly and hassle-free.

Here are the main services you can rely on us if you want to immigrate to Ireland:

  1. legal advice on the laws of this country and assistance in applying for the sought visa;
  2. assistance in registering with the authorities once the relocation process is completed;
  3. housing and insurance services in order to feel like any other person who has Irish citizenship;
  4. assistance on other various matters that have to do with living here as a foreign citizen.

Our expat services will be targeted to the specific of your case so that our lawyers can provide to-the-point guidance.

Housing services in Ireland

Without a doubt, looking for a place to stay in a foreign country is one of the most time-consuming aspects of relocation. Even if you have your eyes set on a specific region or even city, finding a house or apartment can still be difficult. This is where our housing services can be of help. Our immigration lawyers in Ireland can provide useful information on the cheapest regions in the country, can advise on how to choose a house or apartment to rent or to buy, and most importantly, can help with the documents and formalities to complete for the transaction.

Our expat services in Ireland include document verification and preparation, no matter if you want to buy or rent a place here. On demand, we can also verify the property you are interested in.

For those moving to Ireland based on an investor visa, we can provide tailored assistance related to purchasing a property that meets the requirements of the program.

Guidance in obtaining an Irish residence permit

Obtaining a visa for Ireland is not complicated, as this is one of the easiest countries to move to in Europe. However, you will need to carefully consider the grounds for immigration to Ireland. For instance, you can come here based on an employment contract or an investor visa, cases in which the requirements for these types of residence permits need to be considered. Please address to our lawyer if you want to know the visa types that can offer an easier access to the Irish citizenship.

For example, if you decide to move to Ireland based on a labor contract, you will need to meet the salary requirements provided by the employment scheme you will relocate under, while for investor visas other requisites apply.

With the help of our expat services in Ireland, you will benefit from individual counseling, document preparation, and filing for the desired visa.

Our immigration lawyers in Ireland can also answer your questions related to moving here.

Registration with the Irish authorities

One of the important steps of immigration to Ireland refers to registering with the police station in the city you will live, with the tax authorities and even obtain health insurance. These are procedures that need to be completed in a specific period and with the help of our expat services, you will not need to worry about missing deadlines.

Our expat services in Ireland refer to complete assistance for both EU and non-EU citizens moving here.

Why move to Ireland?

Ireland is one of the most important business centers in Europe, meaning that it provides good prospects for those seeking employment, but also for those interested in starting a business. The government has also implemented various e-services, for people living here not to waste time with lengthy procedures by standing in front of the authorities’ counters.

In terms of immigration statistics, a report issued by the Central Statistics Office in Ireland shows that:

  • at the level of April 2016, there were more than 530,000 foreigners living in Ireland;
  • out of these, 87.4% or 104,784 persons had dual citizenship;
  • the largest proportion of expats was made of Irish-American citizens, with a percentage of 16.8;
  • Irish-UK expats represented 14.7% of the entire population of foreigners, while Irish-Polish expats accounted for 8.8%.

If you plan to move to Ireland and are not clear on the conditions, or you simply need support, please contact our lawyers for expat services in Ireland.