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Immigration Services in Dublin

Immigration Services in Dublin

Our immigration services in Dublin are created to help both foreigners who simply want to relocate here for work purposes, but also foreign businessmen who are interested in expanding their business activities in Ireland. Our immigration lawyer in Ireland is ready to provide legal representation on a wide range of immigration matters to persons who are arriving here from an EU member state, but also to those who arrive from non-EU countries.

It must be noted that, although EU citizens do not need to obtain a visa for immigration in Dublin, they will need to apply for a permanent residence permit if they want to become permanent residents of this country. Third-country nationals will have to comply with complex regulations, including the obligation of obtaining a visa for the purpose of their stay.

The difference for residency in Ireland for EU/EEA nationals and third party nationals is that the latter are required to apply for a visa in order to have the right to reside here.

For EU/EEA nationals, visa requirements do not apply as EU/EEA citizens, but for any stays longer than 90 days, they will also have to initiate the steps for obtaining a residence permit.

For both categories it is also allowed to apply for citizenship in Ireland. The manner in which this can be done varies on the circumstances of the foreigner (related or not related to Ireland).

The process can be simpler in the case of those who apply for citizenship by descendance and for those who are married with Irish nationals. Outside of these, the rules for citizenship by naturalization will apply.

What are the main services for immigration in Dublin?

Dublin is one of the most important cities of the country, and here one can find numerous foreigners that have relocated to Ireland for employment or business purposes. This is why our services on immigration in Dublin are created to fit the need of all foreigners relocated into this city.

Our immigration lawyer in Ireland can help any foreigner in the process of obtaining a work permit and a work authorization and can provide legal representation to expats who have arrived here under a work contract established through an intra-company transfer. The latter refers to the procedure through which the employee of a company operating in a given country is transferred to a branch or a subsidiary of the said company that operates in Dublin, Ireland.

Although the procedure may be simpler than in the case of a standard work permit application, it still requires a large set of documents, and the procedure may also vary based on the country from where the employee arrives in Dublin (meaning, EU or non-EU country).

In order to make sure that the process for immigration in Dublin works as smooth as possible, our immigration lawyers will also verify all the documents you will prepare for your application, so that when the documents are submitted, the procedure will not be interrupted by various problems, such as incomplete documents, unauthenticated documents, etc.

Our immigration services generally refer to the issuance of one of the visas that are prescribed by the law on immigration in Ireland, the issuance of a residence permit (for short-term stays or for permanent stays), and the procedure applied when requesting Irish citizenship.

Citizenship can be obtained in specific situations and if you are interested in the process on immigration in Dublin for the purpose of becoming a citizen of this country, we invite you to request more details on the legal framework applicable in this sense from our immigration lawyer in Ireland.

Immigration in Dublin and other demographic data

Given that Dublin is Ireland’s capital city, it also has the largest population and a very complex ethnic structure, although most of the city’s inhabitants are Irish citizens. A large population representing immigrants in Dublin is made out of British citizens and Eastern European citizens. According to the data gathered by the Central Statistics Office, the following are available:

  • in 2016, immigration in Dublin accounted for 91,876 persons, being the city with the largest number of foreigners;
  • in April 2020, Dublin had 1,42 million inhabitants, which accounted for 28,5% of the entire population of the country;
  • in the Dublin Region, it is estimated that in 2011 there were 250,000 foreign-born persons;
  • in the 2011 Census, the Irish ethnic population in Dublin accounted for 82,7% of the city’s population;
  • the next most important groups, having the same share each, of 2,9%, were Polish nationals and Asian nationals who opted for immigration in Dublin.

We are also at your service if you want to apply for an investor visa in Ireland.

Move to Ireland, based on your residence country

The procedure for immigration to Ireland mainly depends on your country of residence. Thus, it is necessary to know that persons who are British citizens can arrive in Ireland without any particular conditions, even though the UK is no longer part of the EU and Ireland is.

This is possible due to the fact that the two states have signed a Common Travel Area Agreement, which grants this particular right to British citizens arriving in Ireland. They can also work here without applying for specific work visas. However, in order for this to be applicable, the persons arriving from the UK have to be British citizens. If you need more details on immigration in Dublin, we invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Ireland for legal advice.