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Immigration Lawyer in Ireland

Immigration Lawyer in Ireland

Foreign citizens who want to move to Ireland must respect the immigration laws of this country and apply for the right type of visa which must be chosen with respect to the reason for relocating here. In most cases, an immigration lawyer in Ireland can make the difference between a speedy and a lengthy relocation procedure, as he or she can help not only with the visa application procedure but also with other necessary services and information.

Below, we present the main ways in which our immigration lawyer in Ireland can help EU and non-EU citizens who want to move to this country temporarily or permanently.

Immigration services provided by our lawyer in Ireland

It is true that most of the time foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Ireland request information and assistance in preparing for applying for the visa with the Irish authorities, however, a lawyer can do more than that. Among the services you can obtain with our lawyers in Ireland are:

  1. assistance in understanding the conditions related to each type of visa in order to make a correct decision;
  2. legal guidance in preparing the immigration file, its submission and completion if rejected by the authorities;
  3. revision of all the documents when immigrating to Ireland for specific purposes, such as employment, study or investment;
  4. legal assistance in appealing negative visa decisions where the case requires it;
  5. assistance in registering with the relevant authorities when moving to Ireland.

There are various types of visas foreign citizens can obtain in Ireland and our immigration lawyer can offer updated information on the requirements to be respected before filing the application with the Irish authorities. Furthermore, should any change occur, our lawyer will immediately inform you.

Immigration visas in Ireland

There are several types of visas one can apply for when immigrating and our immigration lawyer in Ireland can help you choose the appropriate type of Irish residence permit. While EU citizens can apply for EU Blue Cards, non-EU citizens can find themselves in the position of opting for one of the following types of Irish visas:

  • short-term visas, such as business, travel and transit and student visas;
  • temporary residence permits based on employment contracts;
  • long-term residence permits based on which Irish citizenship can be obtained;
  • special residence permits for entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals;

You can also rely on our immigration lawyer in Ireland if you want to apply for a Schengen visa. Speaking of this type of visa, non-EU citizens who live in other European countries based on EU and Schengen visas can benefit from simpler relocation procedures in Ireland and our lawyers can guide them. You can request information from our lawyer regarding the legal procedure for the issuance of an Irish residence permit.

As a foreigner, you can be entitled to apply for residency in Ireland on a long-term/permanent basis. But first, you must live here as a temporary resident and maintain the obligations of your visa, if you arrived here as a visa holder.

You can apply for this type of residency after living here for a period of 60 months as the holder of an employment permit. This permit will allow the foreigner to live here for an additional 5 years.

A person who is the holder of a permanent residency permit will have to right to apply for citizenship in Ireland in certain conditions. Once the person submitted the application for citizenship, the processing of it can take approximately 19 months.

Successful applicants will be issued with a Certificate of Naturalization, foe which they will have to pay different fees based on the age or the civil situation (married, widowed, etc.).

How to choose an immigration lawyer in Ireland

From all the lawyers that provide their services in Ireland choosing one is surely not simple. However, when it comes to immigration to Ireland, a foreign citizen should look for a lawyer who specializes in the Civil Law with a focus on immigration and human rights. Experience is another important factor that can help a prospective client request the services of a specific lawyer.

Also, the lawyer one seeks must be a member of one of Ireland’s Bar Associations and of the Law Society of Ireland which is the main regulatory body of lawyers in this country.

Our immigration lawyers in Ireland are enrolled with the Law Society, so clients know that they can rely on professionals.

Why choose our immigration lawyer in Ireland?

Once you decide to move to Ireland, the services of a lawyer become indispensable and our lawyer can represent the quickest way for you to move here. Over time, our immigration lawyer has helped clients from numerous countries around the world with tailored advice and this helped them immigrate here in the shortest timespan allowed by the law.

No matter if you want to relocate here for employment or investment, or any other reason, you will find in our immigration lawyer in Ireland a trustworthy partner who will provide you with their best knowledge and expertise for a successful outcome. Also, all your questions related to immigration or obtaining a Golden Visa in Ireland will be answered promptly and to the point.

Immigration statistics in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most important immigration destinations in Europe, as the Central Statistics Office shows that:

  • in the year ending April 2019, Ireland had a total population of nearly 4.92 million citizens;
  • out of these, 88,600 moved to Ireland between April 2018 and April 2019;
  • the number of Irish residents leaving the country dropped by 2,100 between April 2018 and April 2019;
  • out of all foreign citizens relocating to Ireland, 34.5% are non-EU citizens.

If you want to move here and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Ireland. If you want to know the legal requirements for obtaining the Irish citizenship, our lawyer can also provide legal advice.