Moving from UK to Ireland

Moving from UK to Ireland is quite common for most people in search of relocating especially after Brexit. Ireland is one of the preferred destinations in Europe for UK citizens thanks to the cultural and language similarities between the two countries.

Below, our lawyer in Ireland explains the procedure of moving here from UK. If you are a UK citizen and are planning to relocate to Ireland, our lawyers can offer complete assistance throughout the immigration procedure.

No visa required when moving from UK to Ireland

One of the greatest benefits of immigrating to Ireland from the United Kingdom is that its citizens do not need a visa to enter Ireland. Even if there is no legal agreement between the two states to provide for passing the border from the UK to Ireland and vice versa, citizens of both countries will only need their identification documents and will go through a minimum customs control.

When moving from UK to Ireland permanently, it is recommended for British citizens to take their passport.

With respect to Brexit, which is one of the most important changes in the matter of immigration, especially for UK citizens seeking to move to other EU countries, the UK and the respective countries are expected to reach individual agreements to regulate these aspects. When it comes to Ireland, moving here from the UK will probably imply a specific arrangement between the two countries once the Withdrawal Agreement reaches its end on the 31st of December 2020. We can offer more information on the current procedure related to moving from UK to Ireland.

If you have any questions related to immigration to Ireland, no matter your country of origin, our lawyers can answer them. Please be aware that when you arrive in this country, you must obtain an Irish residence permit, a requirement applicable to all foreign nationals.

Rights of UK citizens in Ireland

There are several aspects that need to be clarified with respect to UK citizens already living in Ireland, even if on a temporary basis, together with their families. They have certain rights that will be respected after Brexit if they choose to remain in Ireland. These rights are:

  1. entering Ireland without a visa, no matter the state they want to travel to in the EU;
  2. free travel between Ireland and the UK is very likely to remain after the withdrawal agreement terminates;
  3. work in Ireland without having to apply for one of the employment passes available;
  4. the right to healthcare services provided by the Irish public healthcare services.

UK citizens also have voting rights if they already live in Ireland.

These rights have been obtained thanks to several treaties between the two states which date back in 1922. They are grouped under the Common Travel Area between Ireland and the United Kingdom which was renewed in 2019 and which will continue after the UK left the European Union. Also, this agreement is a separate agreement from the EU legislation and directives. If you are interested in moving from UK to Ireland, we can guide you.

Our lawyer in Ireland can offer more information on the rights to be acquired by UK citizens moving here. If you need details on the procedures related to moving from UK to Ireland, we are at your disposal.

Permanent residency in Ireland for UK citizens

Moving from UK to Ireland can lead to permanent residency if the British citizen is interested in such an outcome. There are no special requirements to meet for British citizens who want to permanently move to Ireland at this point, as they only need to register with the local police office in the city they live in order to have their residence permits issued.

UK citizens interested in immigration in Ireland are advised to seek the legal advice of a lawyer before starting the relocation procedures. Persons interested in permanent relocation can address to our team for advice on the issuance of the Irish residence permit.

Obtaining an Irish passport as a UK citizen

UK citizens holding permanent residence permits or having Irish ancestors can obtain Irish passports. Those who are married to Irish citizens also have the right to apply for citizenship in this country. The requirements for obtaining Irish citizenship as a UK national are not stringent, as the applicant must submit proof of their living in Ireland in case of seeking to obtain citizenship by naturalization. Also, the applicant must be an adult (18 years old) at the time the application is filed.

It is useful to know that a foreign citizen who seeks to apply for Irish passports no longer need to register with the Department of Employment Affairs. Irish citizenship is granted by the Ministry of Justice.

If you plan on moving from UK to Ireland, our lawyers can explain all the steps you need to complete.

British citizens living in Ireland

According to a survey published by the Irish Central Statistics Office:

  • there were more than 103,000 UK citizens living in Ireland in April 2016;
  • 51,500 of these persons lived in rural areas in Ireland;
  • most British citizens living in Ireland at the time were aged 45 to 49;
  • 62% of these citizens also owned homes in Ireland.

For assistance in moving from UK to Ireland, please contact our immigration lawyers.